Grade School Faculty

Keenan HandKeenan Hand (1st Grade) joined The Denver Waldorf School in 2013 as a Games teacher and assistant in the 3rd Grade class. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Humboldt State University and his Waldorf Teacher Education from Emerson College in England. He also has taken courses in Consciousness Studies at Rudolf Steiner College, focusing on inner transformation and initiation studies, collage, painting and drawing. He was a Waldorf Grades Teacher at the Olympia Waldorf School, taking a class from 6th to 8th Grade. He has many passions, including backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, surfing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, soccer, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, running and cycling.

Faustina Pfister (2nd Grade) started at The Denver Waldorf School as an assistant in the Preschool Kindergarten. She returned to DWS in 2005 to take her first 1st grade after completing her Waldorf Teaching Certification in Eugene, Oregon. She also received her B.A. in Political Science and History from Austin College and a French Baccalaureate at the French Lycee in Kuwait. This is Faustina’s second time serving as a Grades Class Teacher at DWS. She is fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian and equally skilled in pottery, handwork, cooking, and printmaking. You may contact Faustina at ext. 163.

Jessie Cartwright (3rd Grade) 1st Grade Class25has been teaching at DWS since 2003.  She was the games teacher for two years before taking her first class as a lead teacher from 2nd Grade through 8th Grade. Jessie attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. She graduated from Antioch New England Graduate School, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education in the summer of 2006. Jessie is a graduate of The Denver Waldorf School. You may contact Jessie at ext. 191.
Passion: Cooking
Occupation You’d Like to Try: International food critic and travel writer
Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi
Motto: Be Kind

Darlene Gaillot (4th Grade) 2nd Grade Class4has been a part of DWS since 1994. She enrolled at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, then began her teaching career with a Preschool Kindergarten teaching position in Texas before moving to Denver. As well as working for one year in our school’s administration, she worked in our Preschool Kindergarten for three years before moving into the role of a class teacher. She earned her Waldorf teaching certificate from Sunbridge College in March 2006. Darlene has taken one class from 1st through 8th Grade. You may contact Darlene at ext. 193.
Passions: Boot Camp is a necessity! Spending time with family and friends
Occupation You’d Like to Try: Owner of a B&B in Greece; back-up singer for Rascal Flatts
Favorite Quote: “We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace.” ~ Peggy Millin

Vernon Dewey (5th Grade) 3rd Grade Class1has been working at The Denver Waldorf School since 2008, assisting in the 1st and 2nd Grades before taking on the 1st Grade as class teacher in 2010.  He attended Evergreen State College and graduated with a Master’s in Education and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University of New England in 2010.  In addition to teaching at The Denver Waldorf School, Vernon also serves as a founding member and co-chair of the school’s Diversity Committee.  You may contact Vernon at ext. 125.

Todd Matuszewicz (6thGrade) 4th Grade Class22has been teaching at DWS since 2000. He was born and raised in Denver, and he attended the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. Returning to Denver in 1993, he felt called become a teacher. He began his Waldorf teaching studies at the Boulder Anthroposophical Institute and received his teaching credentials from the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California. He completed his first 1st through 8th Grade cycle in 2008, and taught Astronomy, Stained Glass, Optics and Copperwork in the High School during his sabbatical year. You may contact Todd at ext. 196.
Passions: I love to run LONG distances, repair old things (currently working on a 1962 Nash Metropolitan and a 1901 log cabin), play music, chat with people.
Favorite Quote: “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.” ~ Daniel Burnham, Chicago architect (1846-1912)
If You Couldn’t Be a Teacher, What Occupation Would You Like to Try? Big wave surfer (that is my dream of who I could be if I could surf and swim and wasn’t afraid of the ocean.), sabermetrician

Brianna Kaiser (7th Grade) 5thgrade-34 has been teaching at DWS since 2010. Brianna joined our school after teaching 1st Grade at Olympia Waldorf School in Washington. Brianna has a BA in Business Management with a minor in Art from Fort Lewis College. She completed her Waldorf Teacher Education at the Teacher Training Program in Eugene, Oregon. Brianna has also worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Emerald Valley, where she served as Education Coordinator working with children ranging in ages from 6-18. You may contact Brie at ext. 121.
Passions: Traveling, snowboarding, camping and golfing.
Favorite Quote: “I’ve always taken ‘The Wizard of Oz’ very seriously, you know. I believe in the idea of the rainbow. And I’ve spent my entire life trying to get over it.” – Judy Garland
Occupation You’d Like to Try Other Than Teaching: Writer/illustrator.

BetsyBetsy Doyle (8th Grade) has been teaching at DWS since 1995. She attended San Jose State College and received her degree in Humanities from New College in San Francisco. After receiving her Waldorf teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner College in San Francisco, she took her first class at DWS from 1st grade to 8th grade, then followed with her next class from 5th through 8th grade. Betsy has served on the DWS Leadership Team and as our school’s 1st Delegate to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. You may contact Betsy at ext. 176.

Vicki HindesVicki Hindes (Middle School Math and Language Arts) has been teaching at the school since 1985. She taught three years in the Preschool Kindergarten before taking a position as class teacher, graduating four 8th Grades. Ms. Hindes is the Middle School Support Teacher teaching math, language arts, Latin and social dance. Ms. Hindes has a BA in Speech Communication at Metropolitan State College, and an MA in Speech/Language Pathology at the University of Denver. You may contact Vicki at ext. 165.

Passions: Spending time with grandchildren, riding my bike and gardening.
Favorite Quote: There are so many great quotes, I couldn’t pick just one!
What Career Would You Like to Attempt Other Than Teaching? I might have become a farmer, a gardener, or a Eurythmy performer.