Donations Needed for Holiday Fair 2015

Help us make the holiday magic for our Children’s Shoppe & Elf Land:

Donations needed for the Children’s Shoppe:

Wrapping paper
Gift bags & boxes
Tissue paper
Costume jewelry, picture frames, unlit candles
Ornaments, knitted apparel
Mugs, small toys, etc.

Donations needed for Elf Land:

Dried flowers, seed pods
Sticks, twigs, rocks,
Sparkly stones, seashells, leaves
Other natural or magical items that might catch an elf’s eye in designing his dream home.

Please drop off all donations in the main entryway under the Holiday Fair sign.
Thank you!

Waste Diversion Plan in Action

Notice anything different in the hallways at school? The Sustainability Task Force and Building and Grounds Committee are thrilled to launch the latest component of our waste diversion plan by offering more options for the school community to divert our waste from landfills through waste sorting stations!


The stations are centrally located and allow for sorting waste into recycling, compost and landfill options. Signs near the stations should help you figure out ‘what goes where’. Students will now take their classroom waste to the sorting stations for disposal (rather than out to the dumpsters in the parking lot) and the community is encouraged to sort their waste when on site! The Sustainability Task Force is working on expanding our waste diversion and would LOVE your support in doing so. Please contact Lydia Fiser ( or Kate Gregory ( to get involved.

Have a look at the DWS Waste Diversion Plan 2015 to read about the full vision for the program.