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Don’t Miss Family Friendly Improv Night – Sat. Jan. 11th >>

Don’t Miss Family Friendly Improv Night – Sat. Jan. 11th!

Our High School students have been rehearsing and planning a terrific show for The Denver Waldorf School community to enjoy. Working with experienced performer and DWS parent Craig Zablocki, the students have honed their on-the-fly acting skills and are ready for prime time!

This show will be fun for kids of all ages. Please join us on Saturday, January 11th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm for a great night of surprising theater! Tickets for this event are $10 per person. All proceeds will support the Duk Payuel School in South Sudan. The Duk Payuel School’s mission is to help rebuild war-torn Southern Sudan through education, nurturing and hope for the people’s future.

The Peace Group will also be hosting a bake sale during the improv show to raise additional money. We’ll have all kinds of goodies, including gluten-free and dairy-free. Bring a few extra dollars for something yummy!

Improv Night - Duk Payuel School Children

Improv Night - Duk Payuel School

Improv Night - Duk Payuel Students

Holiday Fair: Thank You!

Holiday Fair: Thank You!

Holiday Fair Merchants in Action

Hooray, we did it! The frigid temperatures outside were no match for the warmth of the 39th Annual Holiday Fair.

Thank you to the students, parents and staff who provided the many helping hands and smiling faces, the comforting smells and joyous sounds and the spirited energy of the day. For me, it was a wonderful reminder of the richness of this Waldorf education and I appreciate how we came together to celebrate that as a community. I am in awe and full of gratitude for the magic we all created together.

I would like to add to our collection of treasured Holiday Fair photos. Please send any photos that you’d like to share to Check out our Facebook page for some snapshots from the day as well.

Over the winter break, I will be asking for a few helping hands to help in taking down the festive decorations. A call to action email will be out soon.

Happy Holidays,

A “Taste” of Simplicity Parenting

A “Taste” of Simplicity Parenting

Join retired DWS teacher and mother of 3 Colette Green for a Saturday morning gathering designed to give parents a taste of what her Simplicity Parenting course has to offer. Based on the teachings of Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, these courses emphasize simplifying our homes and our lives in order to strengthen the connections we feel to family, friends and ourselves.

A Taste of Simplicity