DWS Campus Master Plan

front of schoolIn 2007, The Denver Waldorf School began the master planning process with the creation of the Campus Master Plan Foundation Document. The purpose of the Foundation Document, and the associated process, was to clarify and build consensus about aspirations and goals. The Foundation Document was also to serve as a preliminary sketch for the Master Plan.

A Master Plan is a document that is used to guide long-term decision making regarding capital improvements, acquisitions, long and short term maintenance, and future considerations for the inside and outdoor space. The Denver Waldorf School Master Plan is therefore not an end in itself, but rather a means by which future capital improvements will be guided. By merging the goals and aspirations of The Denver Waldorf School with the opportunities and constraints of the existing building and site, a unified and obtainable long-term vision for the campus has been created. This vision is one that will be realized over time, in multiple phases. It is therefore critical that the Master Plan be in place to ensure that individual improvements act as a cohesive whole, both along the way and when fully realized.

While the Master Plan is a long-range tool, it also looks to answer an immediate question – does the school fit on the current site at 940 Fillmore Street. Humphries Poli is of the opinion that the school does in fact fit on the current site. The plan proposed by this document illustrates just what that means and how to best achieve that vision. It will ultimately be up to the Waldorf Community to confirm that the vision outlined by the Master Plan truly does meet the future needs of the school as foreseen today.

Current documents

The Denver Waldorf School Campus Master Plan

CMP Foundation Document