Donations Needed for Holiday Fair 2015

Help us make the holiday magic for our Children’s Shoppe & Elf Land:

Donations needed for the Children’s Shoppe:

Wrapping paper
Gift bags & boxes
Tissue paper
Costume jewelry, picture frames, unlit candles
Ornaments, knitted apparel
Mugs, small toys, etc.

Donations needed for Elf Land:

Dried flowers, seed pods
Sticks, twigs, rocks,
Sparkly stones, seashells, leaves
Other natural or magical items that might catch an elf’s eye in designing his dream home.

Please drop off all donations in the main entryway under the Holiday Fair sign.
Thank you!

Dr. Adam Blanning: Parent Education Guest Speaker


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Waste Diversion Plan in Action

Notice anything different in the hallways at school? The Sustainability Task Force and Building and Grounds Committee are thrilled to launch the latest component of our waste diversion plan by offering more options for the school community to divert our waste from landfills through waste sorting stations!


The stations are centrally located and allow for sorting waste into recycling, compost and landfill options. Signs near the stations should help you figure out ‘what goes where’. Students will now take their classroom waste to the sorting stations for disposal (rather than out to the dumpsters in the parking lot) and the community is encouraged to sort their waste when on site! The Sustainability Task Force is working on expanding our waste diversion and would LOVE your support in doing so. Please contact Lydia Fiser ( or Kate Gregory ( to get involved.

Have a look at the DWS Waste Diversion Plan 2015 to read about the full vision for the program.


8th Graders Tell Stories Through Pictures

Students in Brianna Kaiser’s 8th Grade class extended their study of short stories in Vicki Hindes’ Language Arts block. This collaboration led to some outstanding student artwork that tells a simple story without a single word.

Niko 1 Niko 2 Niko 3 Niko 4 Niko 5 Niko 6

The story and artwork above is by Niko Sandusky.


Ivy 1 Ivy 2 Ivy 3 Ivy 4 Ivy 5 Ivy 6 Ivy 7

The story and artwork above is by Ivy Secrest.

Fall Rose Ceremony 2015

photo by Andrew Clark

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark photo

photo by Andrew Clark


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


Bruce Kelley Photo

Photo by Bruce Kelley


In Memoriam: Kathy Metsch

by Jessie Cartwright, 4th Grade Teacher and DWS Alumna

Kathy Metsch, who served as Administrative Director of The Denver Waldorf School from 2001-2005, passed away on July 20, 2015. Kathy’s time with us on this earth was cut short when difficulties arose in her recovery from meningioma brain tumor surgery. She will be remembered by the DWS community for her time as a committed parent, for her guidance and leadership, and for her love and support of her many colleagues.  As we look towards the beginning of a new school year, it is paramount that we look back first and reflect upon one who made the journey of The Denver Waldorf School bright and full of meaning.

In 1980, Kathy and her husband David were new parents seeking a supportive community and a loving environment for their five-month old daughter Sarah. Kathy met Nancy Blanning in a mother’s support group provided through the Free University. Three years later, the stars aligned, and with an angelically-inspired solution to the dilemma of where Sarah would attend school, Kathy turned to The Denver Waldorf School. Nancy Blanning accepted her into the kindergarten class she was teaching at DWS. Kathy’s dedication and commitment to DWS was inspiring from the moment she enrolled her daughter into the student body. Sarah continued to attend DWS for grades K-12.

As Kathy’s work concluded with the Cherry Creek School System, DWS was in need of an Administrative Director to help navigate the school in a new direction and secure our foundation for a new campus at 940 Fillmore Street. As the Administrative Director, Kathy offered her expertise and guidance in countless ways. One of her enormous gift was her people skills. Kathy offered sincere warmth and interest to everyone. She was a peace-maker and always strove to find harmony in all she encountered during her days working with parents, colleagues, and the greater Waldorf community. Knowing when the time was right to let the school grow and evolve beyond what she could shepherd, Kathy stepped aside, humbly, with generous mindfulness, and full of integrity.

We mourn Kathy’s absence in our Waldorf family, and send her family our deepest condolences. As this year begins may we remember her ability to listen with integrity, observe the best in every single person we meet, and hold each other in warmth and respect for the unique gifts each of us brings to this continuing journey of education. We stand on the shoulders of giants in more than one way here at The Denver Waldorf School. Kathy Metsch will remain a beacon, guiding light, the fixed North Star, the giant whose shoulders continue to support us, as we do our very best work with children each day. We will carry Kathy’s legacy forward in our hearts and memory as DWS moves on to begin a new school year.

Photos from Graduation ’15

Many thanks to Alumni parent Bruce Kelley for his beautiful photographs of the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2015.

Grad 1

Grad 2

Grad 3

Grad 4

Grad 5

Grad 6

Grad 7

Grad 8

Grad 9

Grad 10

Grad 13

Grad 12

Grad 14

Grad 11

Grad 15

Grad 16

Grad 17

Grad 18

Grad 19

Grad 20

Grad 21


4th Grade Camping Trip to Bent’s Fort

Mrs. Gaillot’s 4th Grade and several intrepid parents made their way to La Junta, Colorado last week for a visit to historic Bent’s Fort. According to the National Park Service, “The fort provided explorers, adventurers, and the U.S. Army a place to get needed supplies, wagon repairs, livestock, good food, water and company, rest and protection in this vast “Great American Desert.” Thanks to parent Rob Maurer for the photos.
















Waldorf Education Featured on The Simpsons Season Finale


Denver, CO, May 20, 2015: The Simpsons gave a well-crafted, comic shout out to Waldorf Education during their Season 26 finale for 2015 — “Mathlete’s Feat”, which aired May 17, 2015. The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America was pleased with the level of in-depth knowledge The Simpsons writers clearly possessed about pedagogy and stereotypes associated with Waldorf Education, which made this fun caricature both lighthearted and flattering.

After a server farm crash, Springfield Elementary loses all technology. This is when Lisa comes up with an idea that will save the school — “Learning while Doing.” Springfield Elementary becomes a Waldorf school! From there the students learn by doing in tongue-in-cheek fashion and at the end of the episode, their new Waldorf Education helps them win the mathlete rematch.

We are honored to have been featured in such a positive light in The Simpsons Season Finale and some schools are responding in-kind with Waldorf tributes to The Simpsons. A collective of handmade hats is being created to send to The Simpsons writers. The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is having students create beeswax figures of The Simpsons characters to share online and with The Simpsons execs. And the São Paulo, Brazil Waldorf school has done an amazing rendition of The Simpsons Theme Song, found here on YouTube, as a tribute to this mainstream recognition.

Do you have questions about this latest press coverage of Waldorf Education or about Waldorf Education in general? Please contact Leigh Ann Hill, Enrollment Director at or 303-777-0531 ext. 106.

Photos of “Jabberwock” Performance

Many thanks to alumni parent Bruce Kelley for taking photos of the Seniors’ recent performance of Jabberwock.