Parent Council

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Parent Council is open to all parents at The Denver Waldorf School. Whether you feel you would make a good class representative or you just want to attend when you can, Parent Council is always looking for the input of parents.

Get Involved

Parent Council welcomes babiesThe Parent Council meets once a month on Friday mornings. All parents are always invited. Please check our online calendar for upcoming meeting dates. Small children are welcome to come and sit on laps or play quietly.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda

In advance of the monthly Parent Council meetings, co-chairs create the Parent Council Meeting Agenda detailing who will be speaking and what will be discussed. The agendas are sent to parents by their parent council representative through their class email list.

Past Meeting Minutes

After each Parent Council meeting, the minutes are distributed to the class email lists, and put online. Check these for important information about the school and ways you can get involved and make your voice heard.

Parent Council Mandate

October 2013

Parent Council is a Board of Trustees-mandated committee, as defined by the Bylaws of The Denver Waldorf School Association. The purpose of Parent Council is to serve the Mission and Vision of The Denver Waldorf School by providing parents with access to the greater school community and governing bodies through the information, planning and communication shared in Parent Council meetings and activities. Parent Council generates enthusiastic participation in the life of the school and creates opportunities for parents to enrich their own lives. Parent Council reports directly to the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers and collaborates with the Board, the College and the Administration of the school to achieve our goals.

Parent Council is open to all interested parents and all parents are members Parents may choose to make a higher level of commitment and serve as Class Representatives. Class Representatives have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings or arrange for a substitute from your class
  • Forward meeting minutes to class
  • Bring class input to Parent Council
  • Be knowledgeable about school policies as defined by the Parent Handbook
  • Welcome new families to our community and guide them to the New Parent Guide
  • Serve the interests and represent the opinions of the parents in your class
  • Participate in community events

All members have a voice at Parent Council and may vote when making decisions. Parent Council is facilitated by two parent Co-Chairs, who set meeting agendas and calendar and act as resources and support to Parent Council members working on ongoing projects. Co-Chairs may speak on Parent Council’s behalf at Back-to-School Night and may present our work to the Board, the College, the Faculty or the Administration when necessary.

For the 2014-15 school year, Representatives of the Parent Council are the following:

Gwen Pollara, Co-Chair
Andrea Enright, Co-Chair
Michael Baker, College Representative
Judy Lucas & Molly Burke, Administration Representatives
Krista Douglass, Board Representative
Dan Opyd, Board Representative

Class Representatives: TBD
Morning Glory:
1st Grade:
2nd Grade:
3rd Grade:
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
6th Grade:
7th Grade:
8th Grade:
High School:

Quorum and Powers of Decision
For decision-making processes, Parent Council adheres to The Denver Waldorf School consensus-based model. Members agree to maintain a positive attitude toward colleagues even if there is disagreement and to feel free to disagree respectfully in order to present an opposing perspective. Parent Council will conduct its business in the spirit of collaboration and strive for transparency in its processes and consensus decision-making. Decisions and budget expenditures require a quorum which is reached when:

  • the Board, Administration and College are represented by at least one member;
  • each school is represented by a parent: kindergarten, grades school and middle school with the exception of high school; and
  • at least one Parent Council co-chair is present.

Decisions should be adopted by the Board and/or College unless new information becomes available which indicates a necessity for Parent Council to reconsider. Questions regarding a decision or recommendation should go first to Parent Council Co-Chairs. Concerns or questions about Parent Council Co-Chairs should go to Parent Council Board Representatives.

Class, Board and College Representatives consent to entrust Parent Council with its responsibilities as outlined in this Mandate, and further agree to support its decisions and recommendations.