After-School Sports Programs

phoebebballAfter School Sports provide an opportunity for Middle and High School students to specialize in a sports-specific movement discipline. Emphasis is placed on character development through teamwork, sportsmanship, and meeting victory and defeat with equanimity and grace. ED7G8101While teams will play to win, coaches are careful to play every player. Athletes are guided to reach their highest potential, while maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes academics, the arts, and involvement in family and community activities. All students who can make a commitment to the athletic schedule become integral parts of the school team (there are no tryouts or cuts).

Middle School

spartanvolleyballAfter School Sports are offered to Grade 6, 7 and 8 students. Younger students are encouraged to develop athletic skills in a less pressured, competitive environment. Girls Volleyball, Basketball, and Cross Country; and Boys Basketball and Cross Country are offered.

High School

crosscountrysmithgirlsfrontDWS is a member of the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), and participates in inter-scholastic competition on a 1-A level. Girls Volleyball, Cross Country and Basketball, and Boys Basketball and Cross Country are offered.