Colorado Gives Day

Support The Denver Waldorf School on Colorado Gives Day

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The Denver Waldorf School Colorado Gives Day

The Denver Waldorf School Inspires…

As parents, teachers and staff at The Denver Waldorf School, we aspire to become a source of inspiration for the children in our community through our knowledge, actions and experience.

But more often, it is we, the adults, who are inspired by the children. Our wish to you this season is that you will be inspired to join us in supporting their continued growth.

Colorado Gives Day is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of your contributions. 100% of each donation given through comes directly to The Denver Waldorf School. First Bank donates $300,000 as an incentive fund that is proportionately distributed to all participating organizations. Therefore, every dollar The Denver Waldorf School receives on Colorado Gives Day will increase our portion of the First Bank incentive fund. All bank and credit card processing fees typically paid by the school are also waived on Colorado Gives Day.

Give support on Tuesday, December 10th to The Denver Waldorf School for Colorado Gives Day.

Our annual giving campaign isn’t over and you can always give a donation to the school by contacting Ben Drotar, Development Director, at